One fine summer day

One summer day in August we took the T to explore downtown boston. Kaden enjoyed the ride on the subway train through the dark and over the water.  Tim had heard from other about this eatery called Sam Lagrassas  was pretty good. So we had to try for ourselves. 

We ordered the Chipotle pastrami sandwich which was recommended by one of the workers at the place. Definitely didn’t not disappoint. It was tasty and the meat seem to melt in my mouth. The flavors  were a perfect combination. 

While we ate lunch, the kids enjoyed playing on the grass at Boston Common ground. 

We came upon a splash pad and ofcourse the kids and daddy couldn’t resist. 

In goes Kara…..
then in goes Kaden….

Next we walked down to the waterfront 

Enjoyed a short break from our walk by the water
On our walk back towards the T we found another water fountain……

And ofcourse the kids again had to check it out. 

The kids had a grand ole time running around the fountain. Too bad we didn’t have a spare change of clothes. Kara traveled home in her diaper but good thing she had her blanket. 

And onto my favorite subject….FOOD. Somethings we made recently….

Caramel corn! mmm.

Panfried seafood noodles. YUM! One of my favorite chinese dishes. 

Lil miss Kara

Little 19 month old Kara is growing up fast. She’s started to utter more distinct words like mommy, daddy, gogo (big bro), eh’go! (here you go), uh huh (yes), no, pei pei (blankie), thank you, welcome…..
Her fave past times include reading, watching cartoons, dancing, swinging at the playground, going down the slide, peekaboo, running around the house in her diaper, 

She’s a happy soul. And especially when’s she eating a yummy meal. It usually follows with a dancing jig following each bite. 🙂
We love our Lil MISS Kara. 

Rated one of top 20 nation’s best trick or treat at Beacon Hill

Since we were only here in Boston for one year we knew needed to get the best experience for trick or treating. Boston was ranked as the second best city for trick or treating with Beacon Hill at top of the Boston cities list.  We took the T and met Tim after work at MGH and walked over to Beacon Hill. Streets were blocked off and there were plenty of costumed children and adults throughout the few blocks that we walked. 
There were cool cobblestone narrow streets with many houses offering treats. 

Spooky houses

Father and son bull rider

Tons of people on this narrow street. Hard to navigate with a stroller but so much fun. 


One of my fave costumes. She even had apps on the front screen. too bad couldnt get a pic. 

Kara quite enjoyed the trick or treating experience. She did not once hesitate when she saw the buckets full of candy. 
Waiting for the T
Home at last enjoying a nights work filled with sweety bounty
We sure love halloween over here!

Ward Halloween Party

Our ward had a halloween party chilli cook off tonight and there tons with costumed kids and even a good amount of adults. Sadly Tim and I didn’t dress up. But our kids did. 

Kids learning some dance moves 

Our friends Sarah and Chad in their gumball costume. So cute and creative!
The children costume parade 

Time for trick or treating, the kids favorite part.